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Strategic planning and Vision for Country leads to
Djaara self-determination and healthy Country.

Strategy builds pathways for DJANDAK teams and their business partners to walk together that recognises and acknowledges the deep understanding of and connection to Country of by the Traditional Custodians of this Land. 

We are guided by Dhelkunya Dja, the Country Plan, to facilitate strategic direction, action and collaborations that place Djaara values and aspirations in the forefront of every decision and action taken on and for Djandak, now and for the generations who are to come.

We find a Djaara way to healthy Country solutions guided by Dhelkunja Dja (Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan).

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We find, map and clear the path ahead in systems and processes to solve large, complex problems that contribute to the return of good health to Country.


Using Knowledge taught to them by Ancestors, for tens of thousands of years Djaara (Dja Dja Wurrung peoples) cared for Country (Djandak).

The Country Plan, Dhelkunya Dja, reaffirms the values, aspirations and dreams of the Djaara people for Djandak. This incorporates the moral obligations held by Djaara as Custodians of this land to care for Country and return it to health for all who live, work and play on Djandak. Dhelkunya Dja looks at traditional lands now and

We achieve this by:

• Identifying possibility and potential for realising Djaara self-determination

• Developing the way forward to achieve this using contemporary models of strategic planning, project delivery and commercial acumen

• Embedding Djaara values, aspirations and voice in all work undertaken by DJANDAK

• Identifying funding opportunities that align with Djaara values and goals

• Writing submissions to inform and influence Policy development

• Developing accountability and reporting models to demonstrate objective measures of success


Joint Management Project

Funding – Djakitj

Accountability frameworks and demonstration of achievement

Testimonial — “solutions guided by Dhelkunja Dja Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan”.

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Download Dhelkunya Dja
(Country Plan)

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Joint Management Project

Funding – Djakitj

Accountability frameworks and demonstration of achievement

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