Dhelkunya Djaa (healing earth, healing Country) & Djandak Wii (healing fire, Country Fire, cultural burning)
Forestry and Fire

We heal Forests and Landscape

We manage forests and timber the Djaara way. We perform arboricultural and large scale tree works to improve forest health and provide economic opportunity for Djaara. When Djaara are on Country, Place can be healed. 

Djaara cultural knowledge of land management is the traditional medicine that will heal Djandak. 

Our use of fire in the landscape is both culturally and environmentally essential and we are recognised for our Industry-leading advances in fuel reduction and fire suppression.  

Safety is our number once concern. We prioritise the physical, cultural and psychological safety of all people working and living near sites where fire is applied. Secondary to this is the safety of built assets and the natural environment. Our systems and processes ensure we take the necessary precautions and do our due diligence to ensure safety remains our top priority. 

Traditional Ecological and Cultural knowledge is integrated with contemporary land management practices to use the right type of fire across Djandak. Traditional techniques such as Djandak Wii (Country fire) are provided as well as other types of fire such as ecological burning and cultural burning.  

We are the gardeners of Djandak

Our philosophy is the right fire, in the right place, at the right time. 

About Forestry and Fire

Our focus is to return good health to Djandak and to help Djaara People get back onto Country. Our holistic approach uses Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and cultural knowledge to look after Djandak. We are guided by the Dhelkunya Dja (Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan 2014-2034) and DJAARA’s Galk-galk Dhelkunya (Forest Gardening Strategy 2022-2034). Working with the whole community, our team helps to re-establish the cycle of care and renews connection to Country.  

Our Forestry and Fire team works in partnership with DEECA and other agencies to deliver the Joint Fuel Management Program across Djandak. This work  improves and then maintains strategic fire breaks, which are crucial elements of the Victorian bushfire safety plan. 

We are experts at caring for all land types on Djandak, including public and private land and will work with our stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.  Our team of professionals are recognised as industry leaders and we have the right skills and equipment to get the job done safely for all who work and walk with us on Djandak.

We develop strong collaborative relationships with our stakeholders which includes a range of land managers such as DEECA, Local Government Authorities, Parks Victoria, Private land holders, Local community groups and other forestry and fire professionals. 

Djaara cultural knowledge of land management is the traditional medicine that will heal Djandak 

“What we are doing is empowering everybody to be able to heal Country. While Djaara should be leading the way in terms of our ancient and contemporary relevant knowledge systems, everybody on Djandak has a role to care for Country and work with Djaara to do this”
  • Kimbolton Strategic Fuel break
  • Community Wood Collection sites
  • Forest thinning
  • Djandak Wii (Country Fire) at various sites including Tang Tang Swamp, Thunder Swamp, Lake Boort and many more

Our priority is to return good health to the forests on Djandak and create a safe environment for all.


Download Dhelkunya Dja
Country Plan

The Victorian Traditional Owner
Cultural Fire Strategy

Galk-galk Dhelkunya
Forest Gardening Strategy 2022-2034

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